how do you stop a moving train? a man? 10 more perhaps?…

my train of thought stretches for miles..steaming and going by like clockwork

i think of answers..i think of questions..i think with such vague intentions..
of peace and war,
of new places to explore,kindness and beautiful things.
but like all endless dusty tracks,
i feel the darkness and terror that comes with the unknown..
the uncertainty of where the next turn leads..
I think of things,things that cannot be spoken of,
thoughts louder than the click clacks and chogiddy chogs resonating before me,
Dirtier than these dusty roads travelled
I think of the cry of a new child,the moans and screams of a dying man..
I think of myself..a work in progress,no intentions of impiety,just a pseudo pessimist thinker
I think for those who cannot think,the scores bound by the claws of countless schemes and shenanigans
How do you stop a moving train? A man?,A thousand more perhaps?
We are all just commuters striving and void of direction,waiting for the time to pass
I think of Warm Sunday afternoons and the first winds of the harmattan,
The cosmos and star matter,holy books and prayer times.
I think of the day when i,perhaps will be able to think no further,dry dust and my last heartbeat..
I think of my first ever thoughts,a care free child..
i think…therefore  I AM.

For Mobinga : Live Forever.

By bosarehoboth

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