Tomorrow And The Day After

It takes a while to figure out what you are,especially if you’re speaking from a vantage point like mine..One would easily conclude i have my life all figured out,but then again half of the world’s conclusions are untrue.

Today i woke up and found myself in a strange man’s land,a recurring process i must say,And i wondered if i should feel estranged from the life i know..the life where i have a pet dragonfly who runs off to war and returns with stories of battles and reports of the stench of insect conflict,it didnt take me long to realise the latter was  much convenient.
Countless times i have tried to explain my world to the average earth dweller who sees as He has been instructed to see,who is ignorantly caged,restrained..countless times i have failed.
Today i woke up and ate a strange mans food,a recurring process i must say,but only because it is so for me everyday,i have barely existed for two decades yet i feel i have lost time..countless times i have raised questions to the influences governing this sphere we live in,countless times i have failed to receive answers.
Today i said hello to a stranger,i watched her go as she continued happily,content with her life,accepting all she was given.They were all like her,they didn’t seem to care,to notice,Until the Sun was called by the other half of the sphere.
Tomorrow and the day after i will wake up in a strange land,help myself to a strange mans meal and say hello to a score of strangers,i will watch as they blindly fade into the darkness at dawn,I will ask no questions and provide no answers.
When i am weary,i will take my leave on my high horse and seek solace in the depths of my world,this same world which has turned me into an outcast in the other one,I will smile and re-collect all i have and am yet to learn from the strange mans land.
For the countless scores of Men and Women around the world who strive daily to make ends meet.
Rehoboth Iyobosa: Wednesday March 11 2014,2:00AM IST
By bosarehoboth

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