As Little as Elephants

Lately I haven’t had much to say,but only because there really isn’t much left to say anymore,The world hasn’t been spinning any different,Water Hasn’t Gotten any wetter and I still hold meaningless mid morning conversations with imaginary flying objects regarding the whereabouts of the haramattan.
Needless to say,Nothing has changed,yet nothing remains the same,nothing seems familiar,even the voices in my head don’t seem to sound the same anymore,
The world has lost its color,but then again who am I to judge the world,its just me isn’t it..maybe me and the thousands of demons residing in the deepest levels of my subconsciousness,even so,we’re no match for the people of this world,I have long realised I will never win that war…I will never save the world,
To the ones who laid down stone bridges and legacies before me,I cannot assure you that I will continue in your light,since nothing is certain anymore,I only intend to live a Good Life and find love in the long run,something that is too,not certain in these times.
Someday,somebody will realize that i wasn’t so delusional afterall,contrary as to how the world deems me so,That these words were golden,and if the world stays the same,they just might gleam for ages to come…..

By bosarehoboth