My WayFaring Soul

And Hansel said to Gretel,Let us leave these breadcrumbs,because it would the most cruel thing if we lost our way………………………..Lately I have been searching…..searching for Answers,other times for questions,as I pour myself another glass,I suddenly realize I’ve been over this a million times already..more than enough time needed to memorize the routine..My Nights are getting darker as the days go by,There was a time when the world was kind to me,when it was easy to find my way home,now I’m just Lost..Lost in a world that’s all so strange to me..a world that goes against everything I’ve ever believed in,sometimes I wonder how far in I’m in..I look back and I recognize nothing,.. Now I’m thinking to myself,..people most have treaded these paths before me,its not much after I realize it..I’m following the routine again,searching for answers,searching for questions,wondering how the world I left behind is faring,They worlds I created,the worlds I left for this one..I remember how I was left with a choice,To stay back at my aeons of color and light,or to Tread down this path laden with Gold and riches…Now I’m realizing I may have made a mistake,..its sunset as I walk down these streets with dusty feet,but I barely notice,because its been dark eversince..its been dark everyday since I got here…..I’ve tried to escape from it all,but all roads lead here eventually,I have stopped fighting these forces,but I pray someone doesn’t stop fighting for me..searching for me till I’m found,.. Rehoboth Iyobosa// 9th Nov 2013- 12:25AM

By bosarehoboth

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