Great Escape : Bitter or Better

I’ve got all I need,music..darkness..but I can’t get in,I’ve been locked out of my own world,the worlds I created..I stand still at the entrance,its all rusty..I haven’t been here in a bit,I wonder why? That’s when all the questions start coming in..who are you? Why are you here?…its getting darker,I would answer these questions if I knew the its finally dawned on me..I don’t know who I am anymore.I have no right to be here,this is no place for strangers..but ultimately I have no where else to go,this my only escape,my place of solace..I would kick down the doors,but my strength fails me..begging and crying,kicking and yelling,I seek peace,I’m exhausted from all the speed,I knew I would have to slow down sooner or later,but I didn’t see it coming that I’d be locked out from the one place no one else but me knows…I take a moment to look at the preceeding moments of my life in retrospect,the things I’ve done..the things I’ve said,the places I’ve been..its all coming together now,that’s how I lost it,that’s how I lost me…I’ve been treading way too fast,I wasn’t wired for speed,wasn’t built that way,I’ve always known this..but I know I don’t deserve this…I have a right to my peace,to my aeons of violet lights,I can see the streaks of purple from underneath the door,I long to get in, to be lost,… must have noticed the sincerity in my teardrops.because suddenly I’m taken to the highest levels of serenity,..the Apex,the Pinnacle,..its all white here,Blinding Beams of Illumination..I know I can’t take it with me,any moment now I’ll be shut out once again,back to the real world,…back to my train tracks..I cannot guarantee that it would slow down,but what I do know is…when next I derail I can always beg,kick and fight my way back here..

By bosarehoboth

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