Lights Of Violet

its happening again..I keep having these dreams,in these dreams every other dream comes to reality,They’re so real,so real I want to reach out and touch the purple aeons in the furthest constellations of my thoughts…
Its Raining again,I hate it when it does…all the rain does is bring sadness,if someone didn’t hurt the skies,why would they cry? I ask myself these questions,I give myself these answers,
I’ve had to stay awake through most of the night…there’s not much darkness left anymore,except the one I feel in me,I know I don’t have much time..any minute now the sunlight will come piercing through that window…then the people start waking and the cars start honking..That’s the part where I have to conceal everything behind a smile……….I know have to dream,I have to dream again,I reach for my inner doorknobs,and I’m ushered into my perfect world,created by me..for me..
Its Quiet here..and for once I don’t feel sad about the rain,I feel the first drop on my cheek,it flows down to the ground…I follow it and it takes my somewhere else…More darkness…then I see it,it looks familiar,but that’s because I see it every night..its the purple lights..They are touching me..filling my emptiness,making me forget the world out there,then they suddenly disappear…..For a moment I don’t seem to Notice their absence,then I see they’re gone,I know because my eyes are open and I can hear the sound of the raindrops on my roof,I must have levitated off the bed,because I could have sworn I was flying…
Its Daytime again..I have to run my daily rounds..go to on a few designs..I see the way they look at me,They think my life is Great..Amazing..They want it,I pass them everyday,but they don’t know half of what I have to go through while the sun is still up,they never will,No one will,No one can…
R e h o b o t h. I y o b o s a. 4th A pril 2013 2:50AM

By bosarehoboth

5 comments on “Lights Of Violet

  1. Favor i am in awe at this wonderfully written work you truly are talented and im glad i get to read your beautiful post ..this one especially I really can relate to. your imaginations are beyond Uber. keep it up hun …I MISS YOU

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