Square Pegs In Round Holes (Tribute)

I would live for a thousand years if I could,I would stop wars and end conflicts if Given the Chance…But life doesn’t give us fair chances does it? No it doesn’t, It leaves us with unanswered questions…questions like “why does the caged bird sing”? I know right? That doesn’t make much sense,But nothing seems to do so anymore,at least not recently..
I would save the world if I could,I would stop violence if given the chance,but not today,I’m still trying to figure out if I’m strong enough to do it alone..You see that’s what life does,it leaves us with uncertainties..leaves us unsure..
I’ve been forced to conclude that this life is overrated,..for no concrete reason exactly…Everything could come crumbling down on you faster than a house of cards would..
I would stop Deaths if I could,I would end Hate if Given the Chance..I would replace caskets,spades and red mud with the beautiful symphonies of croaking frogs in a wet night I would,But I haven’t been given that power,Just not yet maybe..maybe I’ll never have it…..what I do have is the power to love..to love everyone and everything while they’re still in this world as though we know it would be taken from us the very next second,because indeed everything and everyone is expendable and could really disappear in a flash…
We can only hope that,those who are taken from us are going somewhere better..somewhere far from wars and conflicts..far from cruelty and funerals..from hate and death..Somewhere full of colour,light and Love where even square pegs can fit into round holes…

For Jennifer Echenim..In loving Memory of Late Mrs Echenim

By bosarehoboth