For months,I waited for her…I waited to see her assoil what the rains had done,I waited for her strangeness and charm to adorn the air…The Rain had done its part,the crops were all fattened..
but I waited for her whirlwinds…I waited to see the cotton leaves come in from the north,the white fingers stretching out to welcome the only woman who is Ugly yet Beautiful,bitter yet far sweeter than the one before her..hot and cold,dry in the most moist form..Harsh,Yet Kind like a mother..
I had waited for months,everything was set for her arrival,The sun shades,lip Balms,vaseline creams..but she was no where near,it was then I knew she was going to be late..
What could have happened,Had she changed her mind about coming? Everything was still wet,The Frogs still croaked every night,something I had gotten used to,They themselves cried for a break,they sang for her,They wanted to hibernate under the kind rubbles of dust which she brought along as gifts…
I couldn’t help but wonder,if she came this late,how long was she gonna stay,the thought was exciting, She would probably stay longer than before,maybe she would stretch farther into the new year…I knew only She could answer my questions,but where was She?
She must have heard me worrying..because soon enough she came around,I remember waking up to see her beautiful Mist covering the southern skies! Such a site! The chilly dry air from her nose! The hot sun that followed later,and her ambience of Dust…
Others complained,but I knew her worth…I kept telling her I loved her,and I knew she heard because each day she kept on showing up..making the curve on my face wider..She Kept her Original Crasis untill it was time to go…we said our goodbyes,Then the wait began because I knew she would always return…Iyobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth