I lay still,a few hours ago it was noon,now the sun has been replaced with the moon..
Dysphoric Effects cloud a once ecstatic mind, sometimes its like that..sometimes I’m like a starry dynamo..more often it’s like howling like a wolf in the dark..
I do not own an Xbox 360…I am not popular on the internet,as a matter of fact I’m so emotionally unresponsive to the point that I’ve been giving my Crush Relationship Advice,However in my little Universe of surrealism,where its dark all day,birds don’t chirp and flowers don’t bloom..where everything and anything I imagine is possible,I am a King..My dark twisted thoughts and imaginations are my loyal subjects,I rule over my controversial notions and logic which in the real world is considered as paranoia delusion..
My dark World,where I howl at the moon all night long..where Loneliness and Bliss is an inseparable contrivance and Life generally is overrated..
Still lying still..I drift into my Surreal ambience and relive the events of the day..I imagine the components of Mobinga’s graphic card telling his “Max Payne 3” to be “visually appealling”..I imagine the fun Rose must have had at her friend’s place,..How happy the clock must have been to tick all day.
Soon I’m back to the generally accepted world..Its still dark here,but nothing compared to my Beautiful Dark World..I could sit all day and imagine but it soon dawns on me that I’m needed Here..The lengthy lines of code will not debug themselves..The CD player in my mother’s car won’t fix itself when Her Frank Edwards suddenly stops playing…No one will be central database for settling greek mythology related arguments amongst my peers if I’m gone..
So I sit up and answer “Ma”!! To distant “Iyobosa!!!” coming from the kitchen..Laughing at how overrated this World is..IYobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth