Buried beneath the smiles
Hiding underneath the Happiness Lies a misguided soul,lost in the world she once believed in,nurtured by grief and hate,the lights which once guided her,now seem to blind her..
Constantly Fighting a battle against the darkness in her soul,she seeks to find solace by giving her heart to Him in exchange for the love she never got.
Only long enough to discover he was more fuel for the inferno burning in her..she is forced to find a new love in needles and bottles,They incite her demons even more,But to her she has found love..
Her once pretty eyes now hell red,tell a tale of her future..perdition and damnation..a future which she once foresaw to hold her make beliefs of Rainbows and Happily ever afters..
Slowly but surely she grows weaker and her demons grow stronger,waiting to devour her..
The other young men and women converse in light whispers,..if only they knew her Plight,But how could they have known,who would have ever guessed??
She is aware of her darkness..she is aware of her weaknesses..in fear of sleeping and Never waking Up,She takes a stand and realizes She doesn’t need the love of this world.
She has found herself again despite being lost in the mazes of the world she was once familiar with,
The Gleam in her eyes are slowly coming back..The lustre in her dark beautiful hair is being restored..Slowly the demons burn to the ground one after the other until she hears no more from the last of them.
She has found Victory,She has found Freedom..
Now They ask..who is the new girl? They don’t whisper anylonger,They all want to shake the hands which ones held those bottles and syringes..
She is now Beautiful and confident..Although once in a while she reminisces and remembers the girl who was once Misunderstood..The girl who died the same day the last of Her Demons did..Iyobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth

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