It’s the 90’s..probably a saturday,a young chubby fellow is weighed on a scale..He’s mum is pretty exhausted yet manages to let out a sigh of relief…
Several Tick and Tocks have Passed and he’s Come face to face with a strange track that stretches out for miles.
Ambition is the steam for his train as He sets out on Journey into the unknown..
On His way He becomes Friends with Logic and Reasoning,Good friends indeed who have offered to show him right from Wrong,Good from Evil,Allegory from Literal.
Despite The Amusements and Whimsics of The Childhood Train,His Friend “Reasoning,suggests its time to get off the train..Logic thinks so too.
Unanimously Deciding,They get off the train and face nothing but Vast horizons..Amazing it seems,Yet full of surprises and Dangers,Here they Do not have the leisures Of the Train of childhood,They have to walk independently By foot,creating Paths for the Little Boy..Then and Now He looks back at the trails of smoke the Train left behind,wishing he had never gotten off it,but He discovers that if He’s going to survive He’s going to need more than Ambition to drive him..
He finds a new friend Called Willpower,a bit aggresive,but Will got the Job done when he was needed,He was proven to be a trustworthy friend..
Several More Ticks and tocks Have passed..The Famous River of Adolescence has long Been crossed by this boy and his friends..
Now as He walks down those dusty roads reflecting on the wrong paths he took, As He stands overhead of the Greenlands,He knows there’s one final Bridge to cross,One Final step to take..He knows He is not the First,He knows He’s not the Last..He knows that somewhere else in the world a rendition of the events that occured on that saturday night in the 90’s is happening again..What He doesn’t Know is If The Ones Behind him are going to Find the Good old Friends He did..and fashion out paths for themselves..He sure Hopes they do.—Iyobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth

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