Sweet Melodies In a Strange Night

It’s One of those Nights,One of those Nights when its so dark,that you wonder if the Daylight is Ever going to come,One of those nights when the cold makes your eyelids freeze.
The Frogs are around tonight,I haven’t heard from them for quite some time now,I can’t help but think they know something about the strangeness of this Night,I shake it off and Listen to their melody,Trying to distinguish the several croaks and voices,trying to count how many they are,wondering how they got there,wondering if they wouldn’t be needing blankets or a nice hot drink,maybe they are trying to say something,maybe its just my wild imagination wandering into the flip side of reality…that flip side of reality where you shoot someone and his life bar drops,where the sun is always wearing a grin,and where the “happily ever after”s” exist..
I’m soon forced to realize the darkness of the Night once again,I reminisce on the events of the day,who’d have guessed such a good day would turn into a night like this? But then again,Do we ever Know? Can we ever guess?…knowing we cannot,We just accept the things we cannot change,like the frogs melody,or the absence of the moon and stars,the sadness on my face when it rains..One thing I do know for sure is,When the Skies Cry..The Frogs come out to sing..-Iyobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth

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