Life as it is

You’ve been lost in a dark subway tunnel for days,you’re tired,hungry,thirsty and you desperately need to get home,suddenly You see a light,a grin appears on your face,You think you have finally made your way out and you think its the beautiful sunlight you see….well maybe you’re right,but then again,what if the light You claim to see is coming from a train,whose driver is probably asleep and can’t see you,therefore He can’t apply the brakes…crushing you to death.
We fail to weigh the pro and cons of life,the odds of certain events and instances,We ignore that voice inside us that tells us “it won’t work” or “its not going to be ok”..We fail to distinguish Negativity from Reality.,Life isn’t bound to go smoothly,There won’t always be a happy ending…Prince charming may never make it to the castle,The out come of events will not always be positive..The earlier we understand this,the more we are safe from the hazards of life..I do not one suggest to be cynical or negative..all I’m saying is be realistic…have a heightened sense of things,the greatest harm one can inflict on himself is self deceit or hypocrisy,because whether we like it or not half empty or half full,we are still going to drink from the cup,then again,the cup may slip and break..
Next time you see that light,just remember that it might be a train coming to harm You-Iyobosa Rehoboth

By bosarehoboth

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