“POWER” and the pursuit of happiness

“We hold these truths to be self evident,that all men were created equal,and endowed by the creator with certain un-alienable rights,among theses are life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness” These were the words of Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of Independence speech of America.
Applying the deepness of these candid words,I thought to myself,were all men actually created equal? If so why where some men held as gods and others treated with scorn?
I pondered on the reasons,until I discovered something,it was an element I found,an element called “power”,I traced the existence of this element back to the days when mankind and the earth was still in its early stages of articulation.
Upon this discovery,I also found out the rudiments of this concept and discovered power to be “a measurement of an entity’s ability to control its environment,including the BEHAVIOUR of other entities…Inherently I also found out that the thirst for this element by mankind was such an inseparable contrivance.
Our creator (God) was the first to possess this element,He used it to form mankind and all we see today..This higher power man sought,right from the very beginning when He ate the fruit which He was instructed not to.He wanted to “see” and live in immortality like His creator did. Considering this fact,it can be seen that mankind has been impelled right from the very start to pursue this element.
Thousands of years later, Touching down to our present day situation element power has become so sought after in all ramifications of life,Men and Women venture into various prospects to attain power,most cases in negative and malevolent ways,attaining results which tend to be short lived and transient.
Invariably,Overtime power has been tagged “evil”,but being realistic this element in several cases has been used for the greater good of mankind,for instance the Famous Indian activist Ghandi whose political power was able to free India from its civil Unrest,or God Himself the creator,who used His supernatural powers to form the earth and all we see today…But then again,how come power is mostly sought after to be used for malignant and selfish purposes? Well the answer from my vantage point is simple; Every man is born into evil and as He lives and grows up,He comes to a stage of maturity and reasoning,where He is obliged to choose between this evil and Good,The decision He makes solely depends on the background from which he grew upon. Sadly and with much regret,Most people in the world today settle for evil anyway,not in the literal sense,but evil by choosing to stick with the wrong values,Evil by choosing selfishness over being thy Brothers keeper.
Eventually,This evil becomes embedded in everything they do,Their words and actions. Among these actions are the Inborn quest for power,because whether we choose to see it or not,there is a drive in every man which impels him to desire power.
The quest for the element isn’t the problem.but the reasons and avenue through which this power is achieved,We must ask ourselves,Will this be for the greater good of the neighbor who lives next door? What benefits will it bring to these ends? How far and at what cost am I willing to achieve this element? Because whether we realize or not,Our creator possesses invaluable and unimaginable power,a higher power that ensures that we are responsible for all our actions,a Power which will reward us for our good or bad deeds,its really that simple.
We should also bear in mind that we all are the same and deserve an equal amount of respect,justice and equality,seeking to seize control of others through Tyranny and achievement of power is vain and comes with appropriate punishment overtime.
In the popular paradox achilles and the tortoise “In a race,the quickest runner can never overtake the slowest,since the pursuer must first reach the point whence the pursued started,so that the slower must always hold a lead” From this context we see life as a race and the pursuer and the holder of power and the pursued as the oppressed,so to speak,clearly if given much thought we see that unknown to the pursuer,the pursued must always hold a lead.
Also in another paradox by Zeno,she says “all is one and contrary to the evidence of our sense,the belief in plurality and change is mistaken,and in particular,motion is nothing but an illusion”. By “all is one” we can well say that all of mankind was formed by the Creator God in His image and likeness,meaning we all are equal,and it would be wise and beneficial to pursue equity so as to set a standard for future generations to walk upon.
In conclusion we all should strive to attain the highest and most effective kind of power,the power of “love”,Love for ourselves,Love for our Neighbors,Love for God and all of mankind….Then finally the World will be ridden of penury and melancholy.
It is then we can rightly say,the pursuit of happiness has been satisfied,and Happiness has finally been found.
Iyobosa Rehoboth.

By bosarehoboth

2 comments on ““POWER” and the pursuit of happiness

  1. Dude..this is so ‘on-point’.. I really wish our leaders could read this. We need more of this;with that,i’m sure this world would be a better place for us all.
    You spoke the truth

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