Dreaming in HD

It’s past midnight,I’m probably lazy or too tired to study,maybe even both..its dark as usual,but what’s unusual about tonight is the frogs..they haven’t come around in a while now,but they’re here today and something about their croaks just makes me feel safe..Their call and response sounds tend to usher me into some kind of peaceful trance,where everything is quiet and balanced,random thoughts which have no relationship with each other start flying in,for instance,a scene from the movie “scream 4” and a reminder that my BIS would be expiring soon,my friend Marvelous and the upcoming match between John Cena and the Rock in Wrestlemania 24,soon I’m forced to remember how bad I want to get into school,and I start imagining what possibilities the University of Port harcourt could hold for me,dwelling with the vague details and tales I’ve heard so far, I produce a mental picture of myself going to classes,and trying to be a responsible adult,it doesn’t take much time before I got bored,and I had to find a new thought, to get lost in, I start going over in my mind, the drafts for my much anticipated article “power” it has to be perfect, I can’t afford any mistakes..that goes on for a while until I suddenly remember there’s a real world where you kill people and they die, now the croaks have stopped and I have to return to earth,where its dark again,I find myself on my bed then I begin to type. -Rehoboth Iyobosa

By bosarehoboth

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